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Work-Life Harmony

Work-Life balance is a thing of the past. We live in a world where work and life are undeniably linked. Instead, we should be striving for Work-Life Harmony. In this talk I share this alternate ideal and ways in which we can begin to consider and shape our working lives to achieve it.

Brave New Work/Workplace

The world of work is changing. People are seeking more from their working lives: purpose, meaning, fulfilment, self-expression, connection and wellbeing. In this talk I explore why organisations need to start getting on board with the new work paradigm and what we can do as individuals to fulfil our own aspirations for Brave New Work. 

Engage for Change

Your ability to create, innovate and transform in your organisation is directly impacted by your ability to bring your people on the journey. In this talk I share a framework for doing this in an intentional way and helping your employees make the connection between their roles and your vision for meaningful impact.

Positive Benefit Experience 

We live in a world where experience is king (or queen). But have we become too focused on great experiences, rather than having a meaningful impact? In this talk I break down how experience and impact are different, yet interlinked and the ways in which we can consider them to design for total positive benefit. 

Conscious by Design

Being a conscious person or a conscious organisation is a journey that requires awareness and intentionally. In this talk I share how we can use a design thinking based approach to more mindfully consider and craft our work and businesses. 


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