Hello and welcome!

So great to have you here. 

I'm Kate and it's fabulous to meet you (ish).

I always find these pages tricky, as summing up who I am and what I do in a nice neat package is not easy. I have many strings to my bow. Actually I have many bows.

Let's start with this...


the power of our work-life experince

Since my first job as a 15 year old, I’ve been fascinated by the human experience of work. The effect it can have on our lives and the impact we can have through it.

In time and energy, our work is one of our greatest contributions to our time on earth. That contribution can be one that enriches our lives or depletes us. It can be one that has a positive effect on people and the world around us or a negative one.

Our work-life experience can have a tremendous impact on our organisations too. How we show up. Our motivation, our productivity and effectiveness, our wellbeing and our engagement.

I am passionate about helping people create conscious and human-centred working lives. Ones that activate their true potential, achieve personal wellbeing and have a meaningful impact.



To activate the potential in people and organisations to consciously craft their work for better lives and a better world.

My 'Why' works on many levels. Firstly, it's about people and their relationship to their work. How it influences their fulfilment, wellbeing, engagement and feeling of contribution and connection to life. Whether via their own business or career. It's also about lifting people up and helping them elevate their personal ability to have an impact - whether small and local or big and world changing.

Within organisations it's about how individuals create their own work-life experience within the context of their organisation's mission, purpose and culture. How they can be inspired and enabled to play their part in a bigger collective vision and still be true to their own path. For organisations to make big shifts and really make a difference, their people need to be flourishing as whole, connected and conscious humans. Not just as employees.  

And leaders need to know how to bring this out in their people.



Through my career as a human centred designer, experience designer, innovation specialist and coach, I have developed a rich understanding of what it takes to intentionally design experiences to meet the needs of people. To empathetically connect with what is truly important. To shine a light on what sometimes people and organisations can’t even see themselves.

I now apply what I have learned through these disciplines to helping people and organisations consciously reimagine and transform the work-life experience.

Conscious work-lives are not just about business. They are not just about a job or a role. They are about how we show up and evolve as individuals across our careers. How we align who we are, with what we do and how we live. Whether we work for someone else or run our own business. Whether we operate solo or lead an organisation of thousands. Whether we are the CEO or the work experience kid.

I am a strong believer in the principles of conscious capitalism and business. But businesses and organisations are entities made up of people. To truly transform the consciousness of organisations, we must enable consciousness in people.

And consciousness is not something we can divide into work or life. It is woven into the fabric of our being. We are the same person when we are at home with our friends and family as we are when we are at our jobs. We may sometimes act differently, but the truth is, we are only one person.


Business, career, leadership and life coaching | Strategic and design led facilitation | Workshops and retreats | Programs and courses | Keynote talks | Writing and Podcasting | CoFolk Community

All of what I do is grounded in human centred design, design thinking, experience design, co-design, innovation and conscious business.

I'm all about feeling, empathising, questioning, listening, making, exploring, researching, prototyping, planning, analysing, synthesising, understanding, generating insight, brainstorming, workshopping, clarifying, strategising, transforming, creating, reiterating, communicating, collaborating and building relationships.

With a healthy dose of singing, dancing, learning, performing, playing, loving, laughing and other tom foolery.


My Special Sauce

My approach to my work is a combination of strategic, analytical, emotional, creative and intuitive. I love getting juicy with information and ideas to find connections and patterns, uncover insight and find meaning in mess. I thrive in ambiguity. 

I love connecting with and making people feel comfortable to open, express, share and be courageous. 

I believe in expressing who I am in my work. I encourage my clients to do the same. I also believe fun and professional can go together. 

& Creds

After a few years of exploration and getting to know myself (a Theatre diploma, working in call centres, and as an English Teacher in Japan), I found my path in innovation after returning to study a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship. 

Working as an Innovation Catalyst in State Government (yes, that was really my title), then jumping over to the corporate world to work in innovation at Deloitte - I eventually stumbled across the wonderful world of 'Design Thinking.' This saw me take the leap into becoming a service/human centred/experience designer where I could really tap into my passion for the human side of business.

A sucker for learning and personal development - I not surprisingly decided coaching would also be another great tool in the tool belt and did my coaching certification. 

 Over my career have helped organisations and people:

  • Create insight from places of uncertainty 
  • Bring multiple passions or ideas together 
  • Build things from the ground up
  • Understand, engage and design for people 
  • Understand themselves 
  • Create new ways of working 
  • Generate, test and prototype ideas
  • Change, create, enable and transform. 

Quals & Creds

  • Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship 
  • Certified Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy 
  • Diploma of Arts: Small Companies and Community Theatre 
  • Deloitte Facilitation Training 
  • Deloitte Design Thinking Training (via Stanford D-School) 
  • Design Thinking Bootcamp (Delivered via Stanford D-School)
  • And a plethora of online programs and courses (I'm a life-long learner) 

On A personal note

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and fur baby Jaxx the Cavoodle (he’s also my Chief Wellbeing Officer). I love art, music, dance, yoga, meditation, design and food of pretty much all kinds (particularly cheese). I love nothing more than heading away to a music festival, travelling the world, getting out into nature, having dinner and playing boardgames with friends or visiting my family beach house and chilling out. 

While I'm working to support and empower others to consciously align their work, life and impact – I'm also on the same journey myself. I'm a constant explorer and student for how to do this. We are on this crazy road together.