kate mccready

Live well.
Work well.
Make meaning.

It’s time to align & elevate your
work, life and leadership.

Become a Leading Being.

Work, live & lead consciously, fulfilled & in flow.

Hi. I'm Kate. I’m a Vedic meditation teacher and coach based in Melbourne, Australia.
I'm on a mission to help people expand their unique potential and impact in life and work.

I believe the world needs conscious and purpose driven people stepping up as leaders
in their careers, business and lives.  

Come and visit Leading Beings to work with me as your business, career or leadership coach or to learn Vedic Meditation in one of my upcoming courses.

Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work

Do work that taps into your highest potential & makes a difference to yourself & others. 

Work-life design

Work-Life Design

Craft your work-life with intention for greater wellbeing, flow and harmony.

Conscious Business conscious leadership

Conscious Business & Leadership

Expand cultural & organisational awareness and impact for purpose + profit.


Whole Self Development

Consciously learn & grow personally, professionally & spiritually.


“I was not only able to bring a passionate business to life, articulate my mission and craft a powerful message, I also learned so much about myself, my values and what I really want out of life.”

Murielle Marie

Coach | Activist | Writer | Speaker

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