The work we do – as leaders, business owners or employees – is one of the biggest contributing factors to the quality of our lives. How we feel about ourselves, our wellbeing, our relationships, our energy are all affected by our work. For better or for worse. 

Through my one-on-one coaching I support change makers like you to activate your potential for creating an extraordinary working life and making a positive dent on the world.

Whether you are a business owner, a leader in an organisation, an employee, a freelancer, a side hustler or a budding entrepreneur, you can lead and have an impact via what you do.

Coaching packages

The four packages below each have a different focus, but in working with me we will always dance between interlaced themes of self, work, life and impact. 

Whether you're starting or building a business, leading transformation, shifting culture, changing career, creating a movement, exploring new possibilities or whatever your focus - you will have me in your corner. I'll be there for you to bounce, clarify, strategise, explore, brainstorm, discover and stay accountable.

So let's go on an adventure and intentionally create the best version of you and your working life. 



Brave New Work


That thing you've always wanted to do or create. That person you've always wanted to be. Make it happen with Brave New Work. Break out. Step up. Push the boundaries. Do work that brings you and others fulfilment, wellbeing and an extraordinary life of impact.

Work-Life Harmony


We live In a world where the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred. Make yours sing together in harmony. Tap into what's important. Be who you truly are. Break out of the mould. Find alignment between your values, beliefs, life and work. Work well. Live well. 

Elevate Your Impact



You have big plans and big dreams. You know your potential. You know you're here to make a difference. Push your limits and step up to what you know you're capable of. Challenge the status quo. Think big. Have courage. Take bold action. Be a change maker.

Conscious by Design

Crafting conscious BUSINESS | LEADERSHIP

You seek to be part of the movement of people creating products, services, communities and cultures holistically and intentionally. Explore and define how you, your team, your business or your organisation will show up, work, contribute and thrive with consciousness at your core.