Workshop & ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Program

We live in a world where the lines between work and life are becoming ever more blurred. The idea of work-life balance just doesn’t stack up so much anymore. In this unique workshop and coaching program we will shift the conversation from ‘balance’ to ‘flow’.

Where balance focuses on putting the right amount of time to the right things (which we all know is impossible), work-life flow addresses energy and how we allow ourselves to evolve.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Get out of ‘push’ mode with your career, work or business

  • Build a more healthy interrelationship between your work and life

  • Align your working life to what is really important to you

  • Develop a greater sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and flow

  • Loosen your grip on the need to ‘control’ and develop a greater sense of effortlessness

  • Be a better version of yourself at work and at home.

In this program you will be supported to:

  • Design guiding principles for your work-life that align you to what is truly important

  • Build deeper insight into the patterns and energy flows that can help or prevent you from being in flow

  • Develop ongoing rituals and practices to help you be more conscious with your actions and decision making, so you can stay focused and centred.

  • Tap into your natural potential and curiosity to activate deeper meaning and fulfilment in what you do.

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