Koh Chang Bliss

So we arrived in Koh Chang after a rather terrifying overland trip from Cambodia. The Thailand leg was fine, but from Siem Reap to Poipet, we got stuck with a car that had no seatbelts. This wouldn’t have been so bad in Vietnam where there are fairly low speed limits which are usually pretty much adhered to. However, Cambodia was very different- think overtaking cars on the wrong side of the road, with oncoming traffic at speeds of up to 120km per hour. Fair to say, we wondered if we would get to the border alive. Thankfully the rest of the trip was much smoother and we arrived at our hotel in Koh Chang about 4:00.

Our hotel is amazing. It’s sits right down the south end of Koh Chang in an area called Bang Bao, which is home to a little fishing village. There’s not a whole lot going on down this end, so it’s nice and peaceful. The hotel is nestled in between two sides of a small peninsula, so you get sunrise on one side in the morning and sunset on the other in the evening. Shortly after we arrived, the hotel manager suggested we should head over to a deck they have set up on a cliffside to watch the sunset. They had a guy serving drinks and one playing guitar and it was absolutely magical. Definite honeymoon type stuff.

Our room is also amazing. It looks out over the fishing village, with the water about 3 metrers from our balcony and we have our own private hammocks. Also very awesome the entertainment system with 80 or so movies on a hard drive, which we have made use of most nights.

So we’re now on our third last day here and pretty much all we’ve done is sit by the pool, read go for a swim, grab a bite to eat and repeat. We’ve headed into the fishing village on a few occasions and checked out the sunset another couple of times too. I am very, very relaxed. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done this little. If we can possibly manage it, we will be coming back some day.