Cu Cheese Tunnels


We kicked off day two in Saigon with another amazing breakfast and were then picked up for a tour to the Cu Chi tunnels. Cu Chi is a rural area just outside the Saigon area. It’s quite small by Vietnamese standards at about 150 square Kms. During the war it was quite important tactically for both sides as it was a path down to Saigon.

Why it’s become so famous is that the Vietnamese dug literally hundreds of Kms of tunnels under the area. These were not just for getting around, but they also lived in them at times. So that’s the interesting part. Going to the Cu Chi tunnels however was not. Pretty much a waste of half a day. There were hundreds of people, tour guides shouting over the top of each other and kitch displays. Also off putting was the part where tourists could buy bullets and shoot AK47s. It seemed a bit wrong that the use of guns and violence were being encouraged as a tourist attraction in a place where war had destroyed so many lives.

Not to mention, our tour was crap, but I won’t bore you with the details. After the tour we chilled back at the hotel.

I also had the most amazing massage from a tiny Vietnamese pocket rocket who knew how to inflict pain…in a good way. Best $12 ever spent.

In the evening, we headed to District 2 (the posh end of town) to enjoy a meal at Trois Gourmands French restaurant. This was thanks to Adam and Cathy (my new brother and sister in law) who gave this to us as a wedding gift.

The meal was amazing. Before we’d even ordered, we were brought two small tasters – truffle ice cream and an egg truffle thing. The rest of the meal included foie gras, duck, venison, crayfish, creme brûlée and a delilectable chocolate fondant. Oh and cheese, sooooo much cheese. I couldn’t even make a dint in it, and that’s saying a lot. All of it was even made on site and we were lucky enough to be treated to a tour of the cheese making room.

Another interesting day in Saigon. Wish we had a bit longer, it’s a really interesting city and two days just doesn’t do it justice.