Your organisation.
Your people.
Your impact.

Commercial, Government, Social Enterprise, or Not for Profit – I work with purpose driven organisations who are seeking to innovate and transform services, experiences, cultures and workplaces for better lives and a better world.

I work with a design and innovation-led box of tricks that includes human centred design, service design, design thinking, experience design, co-design, strategic design, facilitation, coaching and advisory. 

Using an open, empathetic, engaging and holistic approach, I help you did deep and tap into the energy and wisdom of people to gain insight, co-create and engage them on your journey for meaningful change and impact. 

Strategic facilitation & co creation

The four options below are delivered as semi structured packages, centred around a series of facilitated workshops. They may also include additional options such as advisory, coaching or tailored tools and resources. 

They are designed around the philosophy of activating the potential in people to contribute to  meaningful impact through the roles we play as employees, leaders and business owners. 

Whether you are changing a culture, building a new business, transforming services, shifting an organisation, enabling communities or some other wickedly tricky challenge or opportunity - take a conscious, people centred approach to achieve your goals.


Brave New Workplace


Co-Design CULTURE, WELLBEING & ENGAGEMENT for the future of work

The world of work is changing. Competition for the best people is fierce. The millennial mindset is now the majority. People expect more from their work: fulfilment, flexibility and the ability to contribute. Bring your people and leaders together to co-design a Brave New Workplace.

Engage for Change



Your ability to innovate, change and transform is directly related to your ability to engage, empower and enable your people and stakeholders. Tap into their wisdom. Make them a key part of your journey. Understand their perspectives and create clear links and actions from their role to your strategic objectives.

Work-Life Harmony


Work-life EXPERIENCE design for personal WELLBEING & ENGAGEMENT

We live in a world where the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred. Help your people and leaders tap into what's important and create harmonious relationships between life and work on a personal level. Align values, beliefs, aspirations and actions for fulfilment, wellbeing and greater engagement. 

Conscious by Design


Crafting conscious BUSINESS | LEADERSHIP

You seek to be part of the movement of organisations creating products, services, communities and cultures holistically and intentionally. Explore and define how your team, your leaders, or your organisation will show up, work, contribute and thrive with consciousness at your core.

Strategic, Service & experience design

Strategic service experience design

Understand your customer, users, participants, students, citizens or staff at a deeper level using human centred research and design. Design and improve services and experiences from a place of insight to ensure you're solving for the right problems and designing the right solutions. Don't just design for great experiences, but also for meaningful impact.

While I can come in and do it all for you, I believe in getting your people involved in the research and design process whenever possible. Make them the custodians of the work to embed it meaningfully in your organisation and build capability in the process. 

There are lots of different ways we can work together, here are just a few options. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch. And yes, I do journey mapping. 

Design Advisory & Mentoring

Don't want me to do it all for you, but want to learn, develop and have someone as a sounding board? Whether you're working on a particular design project or are just looking to increase your personal or organisational design capability more generally - advisory or mentoring could be a great option.  

Big Kahuna Research & Design

Got something big you're trying to understand, shift, improve or create? Sometimes this calls for research and design that's long and/or deep. With a Big Kahuna project we work closely together and with your stakeholders to design out a meaningful research/design project to meet your needs. 

Rapid Research & Design

Need to gain fast insight? Don't have time for long design projects. I offer rapid research and design to give you enough of what you need to move forward. Think weeks, not months. It's quick and dirty, but so much better than not engaging with those you are deigning for.

Guerrilla Research & Design

Can't get people together for a three hour research workshop or co-design session?  With Guerrilla research, together we'll create options for getting in front of people and getting insights wherever they are in the moments we can grab.

Design by the people

You can get great results using your people as designers with a bit of extra help and guidance. It's a great way to build capability and understanding of being customer/user/human centred. It's also great if you don't have the budget for big design initiatives. Let me provide your people with enough training and support to get great results on a smaller, more contained project.

These are just some options and ideas to get you thinking

If you'd like to discuss your project and possibilities, please get in touch.