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A Conscious Work-Life

Our work does not operate in a vacuum. As human beings, our work and our lives are inextricably linked. To reach our true potential and have a meaningful impact via what we do – no matter what our role or our organisation – we need to take an intentional approach to how we craft our work-life experience. 

By enacting the nine principles of a conscious work-life, we can begin to craft that experience to be one where we achieve a state of flourishing, flow and fulfilment.

Human Centred Leadership

The robots are coming! Whether you are leading a team, an organisation, a movement or a community, tuning in and being responsive to the needs of humans is becoming crucial to success.

Customers, employees, citizens....people, expect more from those who lead. What does it mean to lead like a human, to lead from open expression and empathetic connection, and why is it important? 



Event Facilitation & MCing

Bring a warm, empathetic and human approach to your next event, panel or conference. 

Bespoke/Strategic Facilitation & Workshops

Conscious and human centred facilitated experiences designed for your needs.

  • Strategy sessions & offsights
  • Team building
  • Co-design