Good Work Revolution Guest Proposal

Want to submit a proposal for you or your client to come on the Good Work Revolution Podcast? Please fill out the form below. 

Once you fill out the form, you/your client will be added to my list of potential guests. Please note, I do not respond to all requests immediately - but do so in bulk every so often. This is to keep administration to a minimum. I hope you understand.

IMPORTANT: You or your client must fit the theme of doing 'good work'. This must not be too 'generic' for example, an entrepreneur who is 'helping women build successful businesses'. What I am looking for is guests who:

  • Have a deeper set of values, philosophies etc which demonstrate a very intentional purpose or meaning behind what they do. They need to be about embodying their mission and work, not just promoting their business.
  • Are seeking to positively benefit people, society, animals or the planet.
  • Are not coming with pre-prepared 'topics'. (Please don't send submissions saying 'I can talk on this, this, this and this.'

Please also note, I have a fairly long lead time between recording an posting episodes. As much as possible, I try to alternate male and female guests and in between each episode is usually an episode with just me. Episodes are not posted more than once a week at best. So if you or your client has any kind of urgency for an episode to be posted, I'm probably not the podcast for you. =)

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In your message, please address how you/your client is doing "good work" and the vision/mission/beliefs that sit behind this work. Requests that do not address this will not be considered. Please do not pitch generic 'topics'. This is not how I do the podcast.
Please feel free to include any additional information here.
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