Elevate your impact


You have a big vision, big plans and bold ideas. You want to step your leadership, business or career up to the next level. You know you can create a shift or make a difference. But it can be hard doing it on your own. You need somone to support you, to bounce ideas with and to push you (lovingly) to the place that enables you to take off and flourish. 

In Elevate Your Impact, we will work together to go deep and hone in on what is key for moving your forward. We'll help you understand and connect with those you are working with and for to be more effective. We'll push past blocks, navigate your context, create innovative solutions to problems and opportunities and help you rise up to be change maker you are destined to become. Courageous, curious, conscious and 100% you.

Our time together will focus on the practical, creative and strategic, but also on the emotional, intuitive and mindset side of embracing your full potential. 

Elevate Your Impact can be tailored to different working contexts. Eg. Freelancer, consultant, thought leader, manager, organisational leader, small business owner, executive. 


The Package

The Elevate Your Impact coaching package includes:

  • Free 30 minute discovery call (to see if we're a good fit)
  • Pre-Session questionnaire
  • 1.5 hour initial session
  • 5 X 1 hour follow up sessions
  • Email support between sessions

Sessions are conducted every 2-3 weeks via Skype. In person sessions may be made available upon request.

A coaching package is suited to you if you want to really explore and work on your goals over a period of time. 


The Elevate Your Impact one-off coaching session includes:

  • Pre-Session questionnaire
  • 1 X 2 hour coaching session 
  • 1 week follow up email support

Sessions are conducted via Skype. In person sessions may be made available upon request.

A one-off session is right for you if you just need a quick burst of clarity or strategy. It's often great if you're trying to make a decision or have a focus for something very specific.

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