Lovely Words


Murielle Marie Ungricht

Mentor, coach, writer. Soulful entrepreneur -

From the start, I was drawn to working with Kate. I felt inspired by a business coach that would not only help me bring my vision to life but that would also help me make sure that vision would truly inspire me. Our sessions started being all about business, and gently Kate coached me towards introspection and slowing down.

From there the coaching took on more personal turns, and the vision I had for my business became a vision for my entire life. While we went through the motions of the sessions, I was not only able to bring a passionate business to life, articulate my mission and craft a powerful message, I also learned so much about myself, my values and what I really want out of life.

Coaching with Kate has been a transformational, fulfilling, and inspiring journey. Both personally and as a business person. So much so that I can’t wait to work with Kate again!

Helle Weston

Life Coach & Speaker -

With Kate as my business coach, I’ve been able to get super clear on how to bring my Good Work to the world in ways that feel truly authentic and inspiring to me. Kate has a way of cutting through the haze when my ideas run wild and bringing me back to my purpose with crystal-clarity. Together we’ve lasered-in on what lights me up most and identified new opportunities for crossover between my passions, business direction and how I can make the greatest difference in the world.  Her expertise, guidance and accountability has ensured my week-to-week actions are aligned with my bigger picture plan and that I’ve been able to bust through resistance and keep growing spiritually and professionally.

If you’re looking for a coach who really gets what it means to be a conscious business owner or heart-centred entrepreneur, and you want concrete strategy, clarity and big ideas made real through actionable and plan, do yourself a favour and get Kate in your corner! The world is so ready for your Good Work Revolution!!!


Career Coaching Melbourne

Simon Wong

It's not often that you meet someone by chance who you feel like has shared the same life experience as you, and has seemingly walked every step with you in your career to date. Yet that is exactly how I feel with Kate, since first meeting her as a service design consultant, then as my career coach.

As my career coach, Kate has built the confidence within myself and my abilities as a leader, and that confidence has led me to trust my 'gut' in my daily life or when making key career decisions. She has this innately empathetic nature which allows her to listen deeply and create the space for positive self reflection and discovery. Starting with an initial coaching questionnaire which is a masterstroke in asking the right questions for reflection and growth, Kate then builds upon this with enjoyable yet meaningful coaching conversations. Her ability to pick up on little things during these conversations, such as the passion when you talk about certain topics or when you're struggling to talk yourself into something you don't really want to do, is what helps you unpack the messiness that is your own brain and start to narrow in on what you truly want.

Through her coaching and regular "tune-ups", Kate has helped me realise my own potential to contribute to a brave new future of work and to find my own "why" - to lead people, teams and organisations towards this "radically human" future and way of being.

Victoria Morgan

Founder - Tinkernicks -

I have progressed in leaps and bounds since being coached by Kate. Kate guided me through my sessions in a caring and enthusiastic manner, and I could feel my creativity and confidence expanding as the weeks rolled by.

Kate is an incredible listener with an uncanny ability to unravel and clarify my muddled thoughts. Our sessions were fun and lighthearted but she knew when to apply pressure to guide me in the direction I was aiming for. Her encouragement and excitement when I moved towards my goals was genuinely felt, and in turn I felt inspired and energetic after each session!

I feel like I have gained the skills I need to help me continue reaching my goals, which will shape my future in a far more satisfying way.  Thanks to Kate, a blindfold has been lifted, and I have a whole raft of possibilities awaiting me!


Melanie Van Kuyk

Founder and Designer at Home by Lumi -

Kate is truly amazing to work with... She found all the gold nuggets within my array of crazy ideas and gave my business vision clarity and power. She has a very dynamic way of thinking that continues to astound me.

Throughout my coaching series with Kate my thought scraps have come together to form my dream business. I feel more supported and capable than ever to propel myself into my new direction with clarity, ease and the odd giggle along the way.

Lara McPherson

Impact & Engagement Strategist

It was such a relief to chat to Kate - and feel like I was working through my ideas with someone who totally gets it, and can help create structure and an action plan. Kate's perfect combination of "what could it look like" empathetic / creative abilities and "how can you make it happen" strategic / process approach were just what I needed as a sounding board, and her questions and well placed insights were a perfect filter for my own thoughts.

I feel like I've got a super powered version of me in my back pocket to take me into this next chapter.


Kate Cashman

Kate has really helped me establish strong foundations for my business and drill down into what my contribution and 'good work' really is. She's helped me to understand why I should and how I can bring my own unique talents into that work with my clients. It's not just been about how to build a solid foundation - although she has been instrumental in helping me get crystal clear about what I can offer, what my purpose is and how I can best bring those services to my clients. But more than that - we began with business but I soon realised with Kate's help that my vision for my business was also the vision for my life and how I truly wanted to 'show up' as a woman and as a business owner.

Kate kept me gently accountable to the actions I had set in our sessions and she helped uncover for me what I could not acknowledge for myself in the beginning. She gave me confidence to explore what my unique skills and talents are and how I could truly 'own' those and move myself forward. I am so grateful for her encouragment, guidance and support.

If you are looking for a coach who can support you in business, but also help you design and create work that is truly good for you and good for the world then look no further - Kate brings an incredible blend of skills and talents to her work and you will be seen, supported and encouraged to own your unique abilities and the amazing work that you do.


Rowena Mabbott

Loss & Grief Coach -

I came to Kate seeking business coaching, but was especially drawn to her for the conscious and purpose driven elements of creating a business that made a difference in the world.

Coaching with Kate was terrific. She was always fully-present and supportive of me, and readily provided guidance, wisdom and encouragement. As a result of our coaching series, I have a clear idea of what I am offering and to whom, my business is set-up ready for clients and I feel ready to really step out and make a difference in the world.

If you are looking for a coach who really knows her stuff and practices what she preaches, then Kate is the coach for you.



Jonathan Finighan

Kate created a space where I felt very comfortable to be vulnerable, to explore and share my intimately held beliefs and intuitions about the work-life I want, as well as all the fears, frustrations and uncertainties. She listened deeply and all-embracingly, and asked the right questions to draw out the answers that were often already hidden somewhere within me. Kate helped me to clarify the role that I want to play in my work, and begin doing concrete things now to begin moving towards that.  

Sibylle Koelbl

Kate has been a great coach and over the course of our coaching series I made some really interesting discoveries that led me to finally take the plunge and quite my corporate job. Kate has empowered me to really discover what I want to do and beautifully held the space and time in the process. She always encouraged me to find different ways when I got stuck and was very supportive when I hit roadblocks. Her practical approach really helped me to progress and I am ready to make things happen! 



April Bjork - RMIT

I invited Kate to come and speak voluntary to our community at RMIT Activator about her journey from entrepreneurship student to corporate, to solo entrepreneur. I was so pleased with the enthusiasm that Kate expressed at the opportunity to give back to the community as an RMIT alumni. She was generous in sharing both successes and failures and helped reinforce the invaluable message that we should all be doing something we love. I'm hoping we can invite Kate back to RMIT Activator to be involved in our future programming, as she is an inspiring and engaging speaker and a pleasure to work with.