Podcast #030 Sally Hill- What it takes to Build a Purpose Driven Business

Sally Hill purpose driven business

My guest today is Sally Hill. From almost as soon as her career started, Sally had a strong interest in sustainability and social impact, as well as a strong sense of social justice. After working across the not for profit and sustainability sectors, in roles spanning digital, partnerships, communications and more – Sally saw an opportunity and had the desire to begin working in the emerging space of purpose-driven business.

Sally cofounded her company Wildwon with Yvonne Lee in 2012. Now a certified B-Corp, Wildwon is a purpose driven experience design agency that works with organisations that make a positive social and environmental impact. They are also behind one of my favorite conferences, Purpose.

Join sally and I as we discuss themes of:

  • Choosing who we work with
  • Leading in line with values
  • Dealing with doubt
  • B-corps and
  • What it takes to be a purpose driven business.