Podcast #027 Mandy Messer - Navigating Transitions through Should & Must

Transitioning.Mandy Messer.jpg

Mandy Messer believes that great things happen by accident, or by design. As one of the founders of Kismet Design and now UX strategist at Ford motor company, she leads and inspires the new generation of designers to transcend through the field of UX.

A great lover of people, Mandy combines creative strategy, technical knowledge, analytical thinking in her teaching, research, and design work.

Join Mandy and I as we discuss:

  • Traversing between the analytical and the creative worlds and exploring multiple passions
  • Following curiosity and creating small adventures to have ‘aha’ moments
  • Leading by example and exercising our power to influence our work environments
  • Recommitting to our own ideas.
  • Creating space to make the right work-life decisions.
  • Navigating transitions through should and must.

    You can find her at www.mandymesser.com or via Twitter @mandymesser