Podcast #015 Danielle Malik - Creating a Two Sided Social Business Model

Creating a Two Sided Social Business Model.jpg

My guest on today’s episode is Danielle Malik - founder and mentor at Design Equation. A business that pairs junior user experience designers with nonprofits and early-stage startups through a hands-on mentorship model to fill a gap - affordable design services for organisations and hands-on design experience for new designers.

Before starting Design Equation Danielle had prior work lives as a sign language interpreter and industrial designer, before settling into interaction and UX design. Most recently she worked as an instructor at General Assembly which gave her the spark to start her new business.

Join me and Danielle as we discuss themes such as the privilege of doing good work, meaning and value, mentoring with love and creating a two-sided social business model.

You can find Danielle and the Design Equation at http://www.designequation.us.

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