Podcast #013 Sheldon Walters - Crafting Personal Worth Beyond Money

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Sheldon Walters - Crafting Personal Worth Beyond Money

My guest on the podcast today is Sheldon Walters. Sheldon began his career as an IT Engineer but felt he was missing out on something by working in an office all day.

Spending long hours working on abstract projects with no tangible outcomes, he developed a longing to do something hands-on.

Unable to find a place that taught the skills he was looking to build, with the flexibility to do it at a time, place and pace that fitted into his life, he decided to do something about it. So together with a colleague and friend, Mike Simpson, they founded Splinter & Callous.

Opening permanently in mid-2016, Splinter & Callous is a wood and metal workshop where people find their inner maker with expert guidance from master Craftsmen. It’s a communal place where everyday people can learn real skills while building well-crafted things and connecting with others across a workbench.

In contrast to the office environment many people find themselves in, Splinter & Callous gives you a dose of the tangible and cultivates a practical skill set. Most importantly, it is helping office workers improve their mental well-being through hands-on activity.

Join Sheldon and I as we explore themes of values, craftsmanship, knowing your personal philosophy and personal worth beyond money.

You can find Sheldon and Splinter and Callous at www.splinterandcallous.com.au.

Also check out their Pozible campaign at https://pozible.com/project/205494 

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