Podcast #008 Reflections - Walking Away from Success that doesn't Serve

Walking Away from success that doesn't serve.jpg

This podcast is a reflection on last week’s episode with Jacqui Lewis. I explore two ideas Jacqui and I spoke about:

1. That we should be building our work around the life we want to live (and not the other way around).

As we grow up we are always asked what do we want to be? What do we want to do? But we are rarely asked about the kind of life we want to live. 

Part of the Good Work Revolution is about asking our self this question. We can't just do work for the sake of others and forget about ourselves.

2. That there are some kinds of success that actually do not serve us.

It is easy to find ourselves on a path where we are experiencing success - but success defined by what and who? If we are to think about what we really want in life - is it really success? It can be incredibly difficult to walk away from the kinds of success society tells us we should strive for and reach for our own version of success.

Both Jacquie's journey and my own have examples of both these points in them.  I share some of my own stories, as well as some thoughts on how you might explore this for yourself.

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