Podcast #01 Mykel Dixon - Becoming an Artisan Thinker Podcast

Mykel Dixon - Becoming an Artisan Thinker Podcast.jpg

Mykel is a speaker, author & advisor in the emerging fields of Artisan Thinking & Cultural Architecture. Drawing on 15 years experience in the arts / entertainment sector as a musician, spoken wordsmith & event designer he liberates individuals and organisations from limiting beliefs, outdated ideologies and archaic work environments by adopting the key tenets of an artistic mindset. His latest book, 'Just do 5omething : 50 days to unlock and unleash your business artistry' is the perfect handbook for courageous leaders looking to activate and amplify their capacity for creativity & innovation.

Whether trekking the Argentinian Andes or on surf safari in Southern Africa, breaking month long vows of silence in Indian ashrams or owning beach bars in Cambodia, Mykel has always valued and served his wanderlust which continues to inspire and inform his ideas, his intent and his art.

Mykel is pursuing a fascinating and rich blended freelance career and his brand of good work which I can’t wait to share with you in today’s episode. You can find Mykel at www.mykeldixon.com

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