Podcast: #021 Matt Henricks - The Power of Small Actions to Make a Difference

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My guest today is Matt Henricks. After starting his career in HR, where his early roles saw him responsible for ‘letting go’ over 100 hundred employees, Matt sought out a change in his work to do something more meaningful. Flash forward to today and Matt is now the CEO and Founder of Henricks Consulting, the Helping Hands Program and Water Works Program, Matt's passion is helping companies change the way that employees engage with their work. Matt is an expert in the field of Organisational Change and has run successful consultancy business since 2006. He is a registered and endorsed Organisational Psychologist and author of the book "The Inspired Workplace: Organisational wisdom from the most unlikely of sources.”

Join Matt and I as we explore his journey into creating two social focused organisational learning and team building experiences that help thousands of people around the world - and in this, how he rediscovered his boyhood dream of making a difference. Along the way we explore themes such as our innate desire as humans to make the world a better place, engaging empathy and the heart in business, purpose, the power of collaboration and the incredible impact small actions of individuals can have on changing the world.

You can find Matt and his work via the following websites. www.henricksconsulting.com, www.helpinghandsprogram.com.au or www.waterworks program.com.

The Good Work Revolution is a podcast created to share and explore inspiring stories of people creating their Good Work. Each episode I delve into what it takes to create work that fulfils, inspires and has a positive impact: for ourselves others and the world.

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