Podcast #07 Jacqui Lewis - Consciousness, Clarity & Creativity for High Grade Living

Jacqui Lewis Consciousness clarity high grade living.jpg

Ever wanted to know what it means to embrace High Grade Living?

Have a listen to this week's podcast to hear from my wonderful guest, Jacqui Lewis on just that. What is the difference between high grade living and the high life? How did seeking one eventually lead her to the other?

Jacqui Lewis is one half of The Broad Place, a school for consciousness, clarity and creativity. The Broad Place teaches four part live courses in vedic meditation, workplace programs, sells ayurvedic products and so much more.

Jacqui is a Master Meditation teacher. She specialises in taking regular, stressed, under the pump people and shifting them through accessible tools and practices to become more creative, grounded, healthier and happier. She takes ancient knowledge and makes it easy to understand employ in our modern day lives.

Jacqui departed from an acclaimed Australian creative communications agency she co-founded with her husband, and went through her own transformative journey to good work. She now brings into The Broad Place an energy and personal understanding of the demands of business, family and being engaged in a high energy world.

She is an educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living, teaching Vedic Meditation worldwide.

Join me and Jacqui as we explore themes such as:

  • Living creatively in a multitasking world.
  • Spirituality at warped speed.
  • Moving on from work that does not serve us.
  • Creating work to align with the life we want.
  • Transitioning through careers.
  • high grade living.