It's ok to be lost


What if I told you, it’s ok to be lost? That lost is not bad and can be what you need in order to discover. I’m currently roaming the world with my husband - three months around Europe. We’re not quite four weeks down and have already had some amazing experiences.  

Some of those that stand out are ones where we have not known where we were going, or what exactly the plan was. Just wandering around a city - exploring and stumbling upon things we’ve had some of our most fun and rewarding days.


You see you can find great things when you are lost. Lost can be good. It can be amazing, but you need to be ok with it. Embrace it even. Enjoy the journey - not worry about the lack of an exact destination.


So is there anything you are feeling lost with right now? In your business or career perhaps? I’ve also had times when I’ve felt a little bit lost with where I’m going. But I am beginning to look upon these times almost as a gift.


Whenever I’m a bit lost and I just go with the flow, great things often happen. A really interesting piece of work will come my way, I’ll meet a wonderful new person who enriches my life, I’ll discover a new hobby or skill or most importantly, I’ll uncover a little part of myself I hadn’t noticed before. Just like a cute little corner of new city.


Sometimes when we have everything mapped out, planned, structured and figured out (not that I’m sure many of us do), we don’t leave ourselves room to just be and to explore what the world and life have to offer. There are times for having things sorted and times where uncertainty might be just what we need.


So when that time comes, embrace it. Love it. Don’t fight it. Dive into it and let it open your eyes up to something new. It's ok to be lost.


10 things to do when you’re feeling lost


1. Don’t freak out

2. Breathe

3. Roll with it

4. Take opportunities to explore and be curious

5. Learn

6. Try something different

7. Don’t push

8. Embrace change

9. Reflect

10. Just be