Finding Your Niche - 7 Tips to Get Unstuck

Finding Your Niche.jpg

Are you going around in circles when it comes to finding your niche? One of the places my clients most often get stuck in their journey to transitioning into their new conscious business or freelance career is niche clarity.

It’s not that they are lacking ideas. It’s quite the opposite in fact. Often multi-passionate, creative and talented people - they struggle to wade through the sea of possibility and opportunity. They want to do it all and the thought of giving up something they love or choosing the “wrong” thing is paralysing. Sound familiar?

If you’re on the way to starting up your new business, then you’ve likely heard (time and time again) how important it is to have a niche. Particularly if you are in a competitive field like coaching, health and wellness, consulting or design.

And it is important. Finding your niche helps you differentiate yourself from the crowd. It enables you to communicate to the people you are wanting to serve. It helps them see their need wrapped up in your products or services and connect with you or your business.

But here’s the thing. While your niche is important, getting it right is not as important as moving forward. If you are getting stuck with it, here are some things that might help you get your booty moving.


You don’t have to get your niche 100% right from the start.

In all honesty, you will probably never get it ‘right’. And that is ok. The more you work with people, the more you will learn about your clients and yourself. You will discover new things, new ideas, new passions. You will shift, you will change and so might your niche.


So do the best you can and get it out there.

You could drive yourself mad trying to perfect it. Please don’t let that get in the way of getting out there and doing your thing. That thing you want to help people with? That reason why you want to do it all? You’re not going to have that impact if you don’t get out of thinking mode and into action. So pick something, even if it doesn't feel quite right or you're not 100% confident with it and get working.  Getting feedback on something real is much more concrete than your own thoughts swirling around your head.


The nuances will be more obvious to you.

You can tweak your niche a thousand times. Each time you will get closer - but at the end of the day, for most people, the main thread will likely not shift all that much. The tweaks may be important to you, but to the outside world the main premise will probably not look all that different. So try not to waste your energy on semantics that hold you back.


A niche can be as general or specific as you like.

A niche can be defined as ‘a specialised market’. You have a lot of room to play within that. The narrower you get, the easier it is to be really targeted, but the smaller your market. The broader you get the larger the pool of people you might be relevant to, but the harder it will be to find and market to them in a specific way.

The decision is yours. There is no right or wrong. It’s very much personal preference. But be sure you consider what you could be in for depending on what you choose.


It’s not just about picking one thing.

I think where a lot of us freak out (and I’ve been there too), is we think a niche means we have to put ourselves in a box. Or we think we have to restrict ourselves to one thing. I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. A niche can open you up and enable you to bring different things together. Strengths, interests, hobbies, talents, problems, solutions, industries and more.


Your niche can be the thread that ties everything together

This was a big ah-ha for me. You can take three different things and create a niche from what they have in common. Or what they might have in common from your customer’s perspective. The thread is they key. This thread can even enable you to expand what you do - just make sure it’s somehow woven through everything. Even done so loosely - it will create focus and consistency.


At the end of the day, it’s all about communicating a message

Really, a niche is just a communication tool. It’s a way to talk about what you do to the people you want to work with. So play around with it. Don’t be worried about getting it wrong. If something’s not working, if it’s not resonating, if it’s not bringing in the customers you want - it’s just a message. You came up with it and you have the power to change it.


So find the thread. Get it out there. Play and experiment with it. Test it. Explore it. Start working with it. You will thank yourself when you’re out there and doing your thing.