Podcast: #025 Exploring the Mysteries of Time

Eddie Harran Exploring mysteries time

My Guest today is Eddie Harran. Eddie Harran is a futurist, artist and researcher who for the last couple of years has been in a deep investigation of chronosophy - essentially an interdisciplinary study of time. A life long explorer with a deep curiosity for life and the world, Eddie has done some amazing things from live in innovation experiments in Berlin to working as an Explorer in residence at a large professional services firm where his job was to delve into trends at the edge of markets and technology.

Join Eddie and I as we discuss emergence in life and work as we experiment and follow our curiosity, pushing edges, helping others through our passions, temporality and exploring the mysteries of the human relationship with time.

You can find Eddie at www.eddieharran.com or via Twitter @eddieharran.

The Good Work Revolution is a podcast created to share and explore inspiring stories of people creating their Good Work. Each episode I delve into what it takes to create work that fulfils, inspires and has a positive impact: for ourselves others and the world.

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