Podcast #026 Dr Jason Fox - Meaningful Progress to Purpose

Dr Jason Fox Meaningful Progress Purpose

My guest on the Podcast today is Dr Jason Fox. Jason is a modern-day wizard-rogue, author and leadership adviser.

Sought after for his pioneering philosophies and expertise in motivation design, Jason shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to unlock new and meaningful progress—amidst a volatile sea of complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity, paradox and doubt.

Jason is the bestselling author of The Game Changer, and How to Lead a Quest: a handbook for pioneering executives and his research has been featured in the likes of Smart Company, Huffington Post, BRW and The Financial Review.

Join Jason and I as we discuss themes of motivation design, the threat of busyness and the cult of productivity, faux charisma, challenging the assumption that more is better and achieving meaningful progress towards purpose.

You can find Jason at www.drjasonfox.com or sign up to his Museletter at www.drjasonfox.com/ahoy.