Podcast #019 Amy Watson (Pickles Mag) : A Side Project for Purpose

Amy Watson. A Side Project Purpose.jpg

My guest today is Amy Watson, who is one half of the creative team behind Pickles Mag. An online video magazine exploring the future of food.

After experiencing a bit of an existential crisis, Amy decided too take her skills and her talents from journalism and video production and apply them to something she was passionate about. Her passion for food.

Growing from what she describes as almost an obsession, Amy really got involved with understanding issues surrounding food like sustainability and really wanted to and really wanted to explore sustainable food though the medium of video.

But instead of taking the leap as we're so often told to do, Amy decided to keep her day job while she started Pickles Mag on the side.

Join Amy and I as we discuss themes such as applying your skills to positive impact work, knowing your limits, labels, the reality of making money and of course, finding how to do your good work through a side project.

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