10 Reasons Why Meditation is Good for Business

Why Meditation is Good for Business.png

Want to start your working day more consciously?

Get in tune with what's important to you and your customers. Experience more flow and get more done.


Last year, I finally managed to get into a regular meditation practice after many failed attempts. In this video I share 10 benefits relevant to being a business owner that I felt I got from doing meditation. I believe these are by no means unique to me and they can also help you in your business (or your career).

Here's a quick summary of the 10 reasons why meditation is good for your business.

  1. You will be generally calmer - which helps you deal with things in your day better.
  2. It will reduce your stress levels - which improves your general health and wellbeing.
  3. You will sleep better - this gives you the energy you need to handle the demands of your work or business.
  4. You are less likely to get sick - Which means you don't have unplanned time away from your business or have to work when you're feeling awful.
  5. You will be more focused - Which helps you get things done and note waste time.
  6. You will be more in flow - this will come easier, you will move through things more quickly and be more productive.
  7. You will be more creative - ideas will flow and you will create with more ease.
  8. You will have better perspective - you will better at taking that extra second to step back and look at things from an outside perspective.
  9. You will have improved relationships - And business is all about relationships.
  10. You will be more conscious and in tune with yourself and others - which helps you create a business that is really aligned with your values.

So if you're not meditating already, go and have a play - see what works for you. I believe there is not one best type of meditation and we all have a type that will work best for us (I personally do Vedic meditation). So try some different styles, see what you like and what works for you and make it part of your day. You and your business will thank you for it.